Visually, it is now even sharper. Better help texts have been added and help functionality has been added on some of the operators that we know have teased several of you.

In parallel with the newly launched segment builder, we have worked on a VERY BIG feature, which we can unveil soon - and of course a lot of smaller things that will be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

The first we have already unveiled. Welcome to the new segment builder and we look forward to the next release, where you can use both mail and SMS as a channel directly in FlowStack 😉.

Structure and design

Structurally, there is not much difference between the new and the former segment builder. They still speak the same "language" behind, but visually something has happened. Space is freed up for criteria you set up by removing redundant selectors for ANY / ALL on subqueries / groups. Switch between any and all is done by clicking on AND / OR next to the group.

Help texts

Better help texts have been added for the various operators. Both in terms of significance, but also possible values.

Easy date indication

No more entering dates, which could lead to accidental errors due to incorrect format. Now just select from a date picker - then the date will be entered in the correct format on the back.

Younger than and older than

Now you no longer have to deal with the otherwise powerful moment format. If you are tired of having to keep in mind whether you need to use m or M for a month, then you will be happy with the new segment builder.

Birthday and anniversary

Anniversary has now become much easier to set the criteria for. Just choose when the "birthday" should be in months and days from now.

Live update of number

Number of profiles contained in sub queries / subsets is updated automatically and live!! while searching. You also get a list of matching profiles. This is of course also updated automatically.

Use segments as criteria

It has been on the wish list for a long time: The ability to set criteria on profiles that are (or are not) contained in other segments. Now it's here!

Save search as segment

You often sit and test criteria by searching for profiles before creating a segment. Now you can save your search as a segment directly from the profile list.

Live validation

Your criteria are validated live as you set them. Then you know before you try to save the segment that something is wrong and where it is.

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