Decrease and lack of customer loyalty: Is that a challenge for only Mercedes-Benz car owners? No! The loyalty towards an authorized dealer and the workshop drops over time for other brands too. It is well known that car owners choose alternative workshops when their car gets older. The new thing is that the loyalty drops much earlier then before.

So how can we improve customer retention and increase the number of customers who will continue to buy or return? We chose two activities in the customer life cycle with high potential because of the need and demand for a car service check every year and the requirement for car inspection also.

Relevant and personal 1:1 customer communication Use of relevant customer data is fundamental. The personal customer communication is based on a whole range of individual customer data. We developed different flows triggered by customers actions or lack of actions. Did the customer react on the direct mail? Did they book a time at the workshop online? Did they want another product? Did they want a call and would be sent to customer service as a qualified lead? Did they buy and what did they buy? Did they not react? Did they not open the e-mail? Did they bounce? When should they receive a reminder and how many reminders should they receive? Were they satisfied with the service? If not they would be sent to customer service for personal follow up.

All relevant flows in the customer communication has been defined and set up and the primary driver for the marketing automation activities is to give relevant and personal content and good customer experience.

Great results The results and benefits are many; better data quality, better leads, improved retention, better use of resources for telemarketing, customer service, workshop personal etc. Putting the service reminder and car inspection in system with automatic flows and follow up, we improved customer retention – highest with reminder and increased average turnover with highest open rates in mailing.

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