We are really excited about our flow builder and want to show you a glimpse.

It's so easy and fast to setup customer journeys / flows using 3 simple elements:

Actions Decisions Triggers An action is something you want to happen to the profile, e.g. "Send email", "Score lead", "Send profile information to external system"

Think of a decision as the answer to a question, of which the answer possibilities are either "Yes" or "No". Each answer represents a different path in the flow. E.g. "Has profile opened mail within 2 days?"

A trigger is something that needs to be fulfilled before profile continues down the flow. E.g. "On click of certain link"

Have a look at the example of a welcome flow Welcome flow example

When a profile is stored in the database a welcome email is sent.

2 days after the mail is sent, we will make a decision

Example of decision

If profile has a certain email address and has clicked the landing page link, the condition is fulfilled.

The condition is setup using the segmentation tool.

As a special treat to developers interested in setting up flows programmatically (yes - you could do that using the api), the segmentation tool allows for code mode, which shows the SegQL representation of the condition.

SegQL Mode of segmentation tool

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